Birth Hypnosis

The hormones that are released during birth put the birthing woman into a natural trance condition. You will learn to create this natural condition yourself by means of self-hypnosis or deep relaxation, so that you can concentrate more on what is happening during the birth. You will also learn to stay focused on yourself and not to be distracted.

Together we will find out where your strengths lie, which I will then weave into your personal birth hypnosis. An additional inclusive proposition: I work with essential oils and if you like, I offer you the option of choosing a scent anchor. I will record the birth hypnosis for you so that you can listen to and practice it again and again at home.


In general, deep relaxation also has a positive effect on sleep, anxiety and general tension. In addition to the natural course of a birth, birth hypnosis also supports you when an epidural or cesarean section becomes necessary, in order to stay mentally with you and your child.

What is the difference between individual birth hypnosis and hypnobirthing?
Here are the main differences explained:

Duration of the birth hypnosis session: 1h50
including: recording of the hypnosis to practice at home (as download file) and one scent anchor (roll-on)
CHF 250.00

Payment: cash or via TWINT on site after birth hypnosis

I offer the birth hypnosis sessions in Mühlau. Train station in 10 minutes walking distance. Free parking in front of the house.
Location: Hofstattächer 35, 5642 Mühlau AG

Appointments are contractually and fee binding. Please see my Terms and Conditions (in German only).