My Offer

How would you like to prepare for the birth?
What is important for you regarding your birth?
What are your wishes for the postpartum period?
Is breastfeeding important to you?

The big picture: Engage me as your doula throughout the birth cycle and let me help guide you to a place of better security, self confidence and self determination. Let me guide you in areas where decisions around the tangibles are still to be made, such as your place of birth, choice of midwives, possible gynaecologists etc. Let me guide you in the areas related to the intangibles where the mind meets the heart.

I offer you: individual birth hypnosis, personal birth preparation, birth support and post partum support

Regions:   Zug, Aargau, Zürich, Luzern, Schwyz (other regions on request)

Languages: German and English

Note:  please ask your insurance beforehand, if an amount is covered by your "Zusatzversicherung". Sometimes they cover costs for prenatal preparation, or postpartum help (Haushaltshilfe).