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Being pregnant with your first child is terrifying and wonderful at the same time. One moment you picture idyllic scenes of visiting the petting zoo with your 4-year old, the next moment, your thoughts race to the moment of birth: will we have a natural birth, will we need a PDA, what will they do to us? In this situation, we decided to enlist the help of a doula so we could take things one step at a time, starting with the birth.

Kathrin brought tremendous reassurance to our birth preparation process. We did exercises to widen the pelvic joints and to reduce pressure on the belly using a rebozo. We got tips for relaxing, setting up the birthing room and what to pack. Perhaps most importantly, Kathrin assured us that the mother is always in full control over what happens, and that no measure or therapy will be taken without the parents' approval.

We had a very long birth, coming and going from the hospital three times. Kathrin was always there for us and came to the hospital even in the middle of the night, except of course for the cesarean section, where only family members were allowed.

Kathrin even helped us cook when we were just too exhausted and needed some assistance.

If some of the above describes how you feel or the situation you are in, consider having Kathrin accompany you. You won't regret it – we can only recommend her!

Antonio & Angelica

"Public accolades to our awesome doula!!! Kathrin woke up in the middle of the night on Tuesday with 1hr of sleep, and stuck it out with us until late Thursday morning with barely a coffee break. Super calm and collected birth coach, and not the slightest bit annoying even during my most irritable moments where I was pretty annoyed by everything ;-) I think it made a huge difference having a real "team" on my side, and a professional, at that! And certainly was a big deal that it allowed my husband enough time to run to the toilet every once in a while without inciting panic - I was never alone for a second, and it gave me so much reassurance!

Kathrin represents that pillar of support that is so often missing entirely, or that is all too lacking before during and after birth; that pillar that supports and integrates the deep seated emotional, cognitive and physical needs of the couple to a place of understanding, flow and control. We are utterly grateful for all her help, for guiding us through our daughter's birth with love and exceptional professionalism, and cannot recommend her enough to all soon-to-be parents, whether for a natural birth or a C-Section.


I contacted Kathrin at the last moment, two weeks before my due date. I thought that she would be reluctant to provide support because I was contacting her at the last moment. But from the get-go she was so supportive and ready to help. I feel very fortunate that I had her by my side during the most challenging experience of my life. When I gave up all hope during my labor, she was calm and gave me all the hope, support, and encouragement that I needed. I couldn't have done it without her. Thank you Kathrin!

Kathrin is not only a great doula but an amazing person. She offered unconditional support to me, almost doing as much as a sibling would. My husband also appreciates how she helped him during my labor and recommends that one should definitely have a Doula. Kathrin pays attention to the smallest details and offers her heart to her profession without holding back. All in all, a big thumbs up for Kathrin from me. Anyone who would like to know more about my labor can ask Kathrin for my contact number. I would be happy to share more details.


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