What is a Doula?

A Doula supports a woman or a couple during pregnancy, birth and childbed on a emotional basis. She is there for the couples need. She does not support in medical issues but has a profound knowledge about birth. A midwife and if necessary a doctor is responsible and a doula complements their skills. A doula is a mother itself and has own birthing experiences. Sometimes more than medical care is needed. There are questions and worries which the doula takes seriously. Also partner or companion is happy about having a doula support next to him.


A doula is not responsible for any medical issues at her accompaniment before, during and after birth. The full responsibility is covered by midwife respectively obgyn at specified institution. She is not liable.


Doula is a loose greek translation and means "aider/maidservant of woman". Also in the earlier time there were wise women helping and supporting the birthing women while offering them their knowledge, peacefulness and welfare.

Benefits of a doula

Numerous studies show the positive effects, when a birth occurs with the supportive and loving accompaniment of a doula:

- Shortened labour

- Pain- and relaxing medications such as epidural are applied more rarely

- Fewer complications

- Lesser use of contractions-supporting substances

- Fewer forceps- and vacuum delivery

- Fewer C-sections

- Newborns were more reactive and drank from the breast

- Strengthening couple bond


origin: www.doula.ch