The big picture: Engage me as your doula throughout the birth cycle and let me help guide you to a place of better security, self confidence and self determination. Let me guide you in areas where decisions around the tangibles are still to be made, such as your place of birth, choice of midwives, possible gynaecologists etc. Let me guide you in the areas related to the intangibles where the mind meets the heart.

Regions: Aargau, Zug, Luzern, Schwyz, Uri, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Zürich (other regions on request)

Note: please ask your insurance beforehand, if an amount is covered by your "Zusatzversicherung". Sometimes they cover costs for prenatal preparation, or postpartum help (Haushaltshilfe).

Birth Preparation and Creating of a Birth Plan:

to individually prepare for the birth and create a birth plan
CHF 100.00 per hour

additionally any parking fee and travel costs of CHF 0.80/km

Post Partum Support:

support in everyday life with your baby, help to organize your daily life, reflection on the birth, support for your partner, shopping assistance, company: go for a walk, light housework, accompany to doctors visits, etc., addressing questions around your new familiy situation

CHF 60.00 per hour (minimum of 2 hours per visit)
or CHF 540.00 instead of CHF 600.00 as a package price for 10 hours sessions
additionally any parking fees and travel costs of CHF 0.80/km
The first 30 minutes we will use to find our your needs.

Additional Out of Pocket Expenses:

- parking fee according to receipt for visits and birthing time

- gift certificates (amount at your choice)

What a Doula doesn't do:

- I won’t carry out any medical or physical examinations and treatments.

- I will neither make decisions of any kind for you nor will I speak directly to the clinical staff (doctor or midwife) regarding any medical issues you face.

Appointments are contractually and fee binding 24hrs prior to appointment and any cancellations made in this period will be billed.  In the event that you need to cancel or change the date and time of our meeting, please be so kind as to inform me as soon as possible.  

Care to know more? Feel free to contact me for an initial free consultation: