My Offer

Would you like to find a sensitive person which you meet during pregnancy and which become a confidant? A person which is supporting you, accompanies you in addition to the midwife to the place of birth you choose? Who gives you the feeling of being secure, being understood and supported? Who is there for you and your partner? Who is listening to you when you would like to talk?

I would love to be your doula and I will support you on your way to become a family. Please contact me to plan the accompaniment. 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your due date I am on call for you 24h/day.

After our first meeting you have the choice to accept or deny me as your doula. It is essential to feel good and warm. After signing the contract, the accompaniment is binding and confirmed.


I will support you with natural birth or c-section, at hospital, birth center or at your home. Partly support is also possible.

I also provide support through challenging births. If your baby arrives prematurely, with handicap or even when there is loss through miscarriage or still birth, these unexpected situations can be devastating. Having additional support throughout this difficult time, can immeasurably help families gently work through the grieving process.

Regions: Aargau, Zug, Luzern, Schwyz, Uri, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Zürich

Languages: German and English

Approach: I have my own car

I would be happy to be informed about your requirements in order to offer you the suitable package. You could choose between the full birth support or only part of them.

Full Birth Support:

- one non-binding meeting to get to know each other

- up to two prenatal visits (approx. 1,5h)

- 4 weeks of on call duty (24h) around your due date

- presence during labour and birth (limitations during induction)

- up to two postnatal visits (approx. 1,5h)

- contact via phone, text, email, skype

- charges flat for phone, text, e-mail

flat rate CHF 800.00

Additional Costs where applicable:

- parking fee according to receipt for visits and birthing time

- for travel to visits and/or birth more than 20km from Mühlau flat rate CHF 100.00

- additional prenatal and postnatal visits on request (per hour) CHF 60.00

- additional on call days (per day) CHF 20.00

- second doula on call (per on call day) CHF 10.00


- gift certificates (amount at your choice)

Post Partum Support:

- help in everyday life with your baby

- support for breastfeeding

- reflect the birth

- support your partner

- help like shopping groceries, go for a walk, light housework, accompany to doctors visits, etc.

- discuss questions around your new familiy situation

CHF 60.00 per hour (minimum of 2 hours per visit)

or CHF 540.00 instead of CHF 600.00 as a package price for 5 x 2 hours

additionally any parking fees and compensation for more than 20km from Mühlau CHF 0.70 per kilometre (for the complete distance)

Planned C-Section:

support in advance of a planned c-sections, including presence at c-section, excluding on call duty and additional costs (like travel costs, parking fee, etc.)

flat rate CHF 600.00

Support at short Notice:

During labour should you feel alone and not supported as it was your wish, give me a call. If desired, one of my doula colleagues or myself can support you spontaneously, up to region and capacity.

"only birth" plus 1 postnatal visit: CHF 60.00 per hour, but a max. of CHF 600.00


I have a cooperation with homeophatic praxis SHI in Zug. 24h there is a emergency homeopath available. Via phone contact the correct homeophatic remedy will be found and will then be handed over to you by myself.  You will receive an invoice directly from SHI. 

This additional offer can be discussed individually.

Difficult financial Situation:

Your financial situation should not be an impediment. We will find a solution together.

What a Doula doesn't do:

- I cannot make decisions for you. But I will support you while delivering you the needed information to make your own decision.

- I will not do any medical treatments like looking at fetal monitor, blood measuring or vaginal exams etc.

- I will not speak directly to the clinical staff (doctor or midwife) regarding medical issues. We will discuss your wishes and needs, so you and your
  partner will be at good comfort to discuss the issues with the care providers.  

In case of cancelling or change our meeting, please let me know at least 24h in advance, otherwise I need to send you an invoice.

Care to know more? Feel free to contact me for an initial free consultation: