My Offer

The big picture: Engage me as your doula throughout the birth cycle and let me help guide you to a place of better security, self confidence and self determination. Let me guide you in areas where decisions around the tangibles are still to be made, such as your place of birth, choice of midwives, possible gynaecologists etc.. Let me guide you in the areas related to the intangibles where the mind meets the heart.

After our first meeting (skype or personal meeting), you have the choice to accept or deny my service offering to you as your doula. If you deny, I would charge CHF 60.00 for our first meeting. And as it is essential that this resonates for both of us, I also reserve the same rights.

Assuming everything connects, nothing would give me greater joy than to be your doula and help you along your way to becoming a family.

The Detail: After signing the contract, the offered support details becomes binding and confirmed in law.

I will support you with natural birth at hospital, birth center or at your home and c-section. Part support is also possible.

I also provide support through challenging births. If your baby arrives prematurely, with handicap or even when there is loss through miscarriage or still birth, these unexpected situations can be devastating. Having additional support throughout this difficult time, can immeasurably help families gently work through the grieving process.

Regions: Aargau, Zug, Luzern, Schwyz, Uri, Nidwalden, Obwalden, Zürich

I would be happy to be informed about your requirements in order to offer you the suitable package. You could choose between the full birth support or only part of it.

Full Birth Support Service:

- communication in English or German
- one non-binding meeting to get to know each other (skype, personal)
- up to two prenatal visits (approx. 1,5h)
- 4 weeks of on call duty (24h) - split as 2 weeks either side of your due date
- presence during labour and birth (limitations during induction)
- one visit during childbed
- one postnatal visit (approx. 1,5h)
- tap in support contact via phone, text, email, skype

flat rate CHF 1100.00

Additional Out of Pocket expenses where applicable:

- parking fee according to receipt for visits and birthing time
- for travel to visits and/or birth more than 20km from Mühlau flat rate CHF 100.00
- additional prenatal and postnatal visits (per hour) CHF 80.00 plus parking fee and travel cost (CHF 0.70/km)
- additional on call days (per day) CHF 20.00
- second doula on call (per on call day) CHF 10.00

- gift certificates (amount at your choice)

Post Partum Support:

- general everyday help with your baby
- support for breastfeeding
- reflection on the birth
- support for your partner
- shopping assistance
- company: go for a walk, light housework, accompany to doctors visits, etc.
- addressing questions around your new familiy situation

CHF 60.00 per hour (minimum of 2 hours per visit)
or CHF 540.00 instead of CHF 600.00 as a package price for 5 x 2 hours sessions
additionally any parking fees and compensation for more than 20km from Mühlau flat rate CHF 100.00

Planned C-Section:

support in advance of a planned c-sections, including presence at c-section, excluding on call duty and additional costs (like travel costs, parking fee, etc.)

flat rate CHF 800.00

Support at short notice:

If during labour you feel alone and under supported, don’t hesitate to give me a call. Either myself or any one of my doula colleagues would be happy to support you spontaneously, depending on our availability.

„only birth support“ plus 1 post partum visit: CHF 80.00 per hour, but max. CHF 800.00,  additionally any parking fee and travel costs of CHF 0.70/km


I enjoy a solid relationship with “homeophatic praxis SHI” in Zug. They offer 24h emergency homeopathic support and I can extend this to you, should you have strong affinity to or experience of homeopathic medicine and treatment. Paid consultations by telephone to them are the conduit to finding appropriate homeopathic solutions and remedies to your ailment. The invoice is then sent directly to you from them. This additional offer can be discussed between us at your calling.

Financially challenged:

I’d be happy to see if there’s a way we can work through or around this. Please call me and we can discuss options.

What a Doula doesn't do:

- I won’t carry out any medical or physical examinations and treatments.

- I will neither make decisions of any kind for you nor will I speak directly to the clinical staff (doctor or midwife) regarding any medical issues you face.

- However we will discuss and strategise your wishes and needs before, during and after child birth, and I can support you by attempting to open and deliver to you the emotional and cognitive space and tools you need to make integrated, considered and well-informed decisions with the medical care providers.

Appointments are contractually and fee binding 24hrs prior to appointment and any cancellations made in this period will be billed.  In the event that you need to cancel or change the date and time of our meeting, please be so kind as to inform me as soon as possible.  

Care to know more? Feel free to contact me for an initial free consultation: