About me

Since 2003 I am married and mom of two children. They were born in 2004 and 2013.

Each pregnant woman should get help and support if it is her wish. She should experience the day of birth as self-determined and full of joy and cosyness. As a doula I would like to support neutral and regardless of any brands and institutions. My own experiences as a pregnant, birthing and breastfeeding mom help me to support need-oriented and sensitive in the regions of Argovia, central Switzerland and Zürich on the way to become parents. I have a longterm breastfeeding experience.

I act according to the ethic code of Doula CH and I am bound by confidentiality.

Further education

"Professionell begleiten bei Fehlgeburt" at Fachstelle kindsverlust.ch
"Gewalt unter der Geburt" with socialogist and writer Christina Mundlos (D)
"Spinning Babies" with Jennifer Walker (NL)
"Geburt und Hypnose" Basic with Susanne Keller Loomans


As my diploma project I choose: "long term breastfeeding"

Swiss Doula Association www.doula.ch
malea lin www.malealin.com
(support of hotline "Doula 7/24" phone: 055 283 30 83)
la leche league Schweiz www.lalecheleague.ch
Fachstelle Kindsverlust während Schwangerschaft, Geburt und erster Lebenszeit www.kindsverlust.ch
Verein Stärnechind www.staernechind.ch

The film "der tägliche Beweis für Grossartigkeit" (partly in english) is a documentary film of two film production students, which shows the birth of Phoebe Storm. I had the honor to support this family as her doula.

Link to the film: